Why's It Spelled BBLVK?

BBLVK Jewel (blak ˈjo͞oəl) symbolizes that all black identities are beautiful no matter how you flex it. All black identities are needed and are worthy and precious, like jewels.


BBLVK Jewel was organized in 2019 as a podcast with the intention to grow into a service oriented community organization. The mission of BBLVK Jewel is to promote African collectivism through action and healing. The vision is to cultivate a H.E.A.L.E.D. mindset among people of the African Diaspora. Since the establishment of BBLVK Jewel, we have hosted two seasons of the podcast, held healing parties, wellness days, as well as paint and heal parties to combine the ways in which artists heal through the art. BBLVK Jewel is a squad of relatable, down-to-earth, people of African descent committed to evolving. Our founder has coined us as, “the Wu-tang of Mental Wellness for African people.” Our mantra that we are reminded of is “Grow out loud.” So often, we can get into a tendency of isolating and hiding our process from those that we love for fear that “we are too much” or “they won’t understand.” While these thoughts are understandable, they also keep us in a stagnant place. Check out the podcast, read the blogs, and share your thoughts.

Welcome to the BBLVK Jewel squad, let’s heal out loud!