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Welcome to BBVLVK MOON Healing 

BBLVK Moon Healing Services is a spiritual practice developed by a woman of African descent, for the healing of people of African descent across the diaspora. BBLVK Moon Represents the New Moon, or the beginning of the moon cycle. The New moon is also not seen in the sky and appears as if the moon is missing, hence BBLVK Moon. The New moon is also the beginning of the lunar cycle and helps bring goals and intentions to fruition. The intention of BBLVK MOON Healing Services is to provide each healee with a new beginning of healing to becoming a divine healer. We have to shed the trauma of our current lifetimes and cellular DNA as people of African descent and that is the sole purpose of BBLVK Moon Healing Services. Come heal out loud with us!

Interested in booking your consultation with Dr. Reliable Jewel? Please send an email with your name, pronouns, 3 available dates and times that you are available for a consultation, and your time zone.

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