Let us drop something in your spirit right quick… African American men and women make up 69.3% of the overweight or obese population in the US. How is your relationship with food serving your health? Well this is why we (BBlvk Jewel and Naked Soul Cooking) have launched From Meat 2 Nah. Queen Afua states that when we use food as a drug, food as a substitute for sex, food as an anesthetic to mask our true feelings, we run the risk of heart attacks, stroke or cancer. While everyone may not be prepared to begin the 30 day program, we’ve developed this 30 day journal to help you begin your journey on your own. Within this journal, you will have a food shopping list, self-reflection journal prompts, plus more! If you love the experience of this journal, inquire about our From Meat 2 Nah detox program @frommeat2nah@gmail.com. 

From Meat 2 Nah! A Holistic Transformatin Journal


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